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  • Apr 7, 2011
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    1. TimmyT
      TimmyT Apr 21, 2015
      Chip...what's with all these drastic changes?
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      2. TimmyT
        TimmyT Mar 16, 2021
        lol it'll be interesting to see how Hurts does in his first full year starting. is there anyone you're hoping the eagles pick with their 6th overall selection?
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      3. Noid
        Noid Mar 20, 2021
        I don't follow college at all, but I'd be happy with a stud OL, WR, or even TE. I think there's going to be a run on QBs, so that might really help us. Love Hurts!!
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      4. TimmyT
        TimmyT May 26, 2021
        @Noid you got your wish. You guys got Smith!
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    2. Kon
      Kon Apr 12, 2011
      So noid...just wondering how it could be yesterday that I'm referring to when you were already allowed back here yesterday? The incident I'm talking about was before you were allowed back? So yea. I think you're confused, maybe it wasn't a week ago but it was at least a few days ago, I'm not exactly sure when that's why I said 'about a week ago.'
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