Eminem Em's idea about Revival's perception

Started by Chaotic Progress, Sep 20, 2022, in Eminem Add to Reading List

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    Sep 30, 2022
    I think they changed the album too, but not due to the Trump thing.

    IMO the 'No Favours' verse was the tester for a new style. That style is on 'Believe' and 'Chloraseptic'... I think those songs were the 'original' Revival, then when he had a HURRENDOUS reaction to the 'No Favours' verse, which is just like those songs, I think he rush recorded a bunch of Recovery esque style s--- plus a bunch of other random s--- tryna appease to different styles. He's so sensitive to reaction. I bet the original Revival was good. Because the writing on those tracks is noticably better too than say on 'Like Home' which we know was done last minute too.
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    Dec 2, 2022